Sunday, June 24, 2012

Zombie apocalypse!

So today is my hubby's birthday and if you know him, you know he is OBSESSED with zombies. He actually has a plan of action to take if there is a zombie apocalypse. (C'mon, people, it could happen).

Since the zombie world is a passion of his I decided that a zombie-style cake would be perfect for his birthday.

I started by forming 5 fingers with fondant. I just rolled 5 small pieces and then used the back of a butter knife to make knuckle lines. Then I draped them over a large mug so that they dried in a curved shape. Then I took some brown & green gel colors, mixed them with some vanilla extract and used a QTip to paint them. The brown/green mixture gave it the "death" color that I was looking for. I let them dry overnight.

The cake is a 9" round double layer white cake. The buttercream is the yummiest vanilla buttercream you will ever try, but dyed green. I gave the cake a base coat of frosting then piped grass in circles around the top of the cake. When I got to the center, I crumbled some chocolate wafers to make dirt. Then I took my dried zombie fingers and made them appear to be digging into the dirt to pull out of the cake-like grave where the zombie is buried.

Next some fake blood (corn syrup with red gel coloring) was drizzled all over the hand.

The hubby, upon seeing his zombie friend, said the cake looked disgusting. Exactly the look I was going for! Success!!

Funny thing is that as soon as I sat down to watch tv this morning, Night of the Living Dead II came on. It was like the cable company was sharing in on his birthday with us. Too bad we won't be sharing any of our disgusting zombie cake with them!


  1. I know this is a little late, but that looks so AWESOME!

    1. Thank you... They came out way better than I was expecting. Very gross looking. :)